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Are you really the Director of your own life, or is there something else controlling your thoughts and actions, and ultimately your future?
Take2 guides you on a fascinating journey into your subconscious mind, where you will discover the hidden script which really determines how you live your life, come face to face with the Critic, meet the Star and become the Editor of the movie that is your own life.
Take2 gives you the tools to uncover limiting beliefs which have kept you on a path you never consciously chose and caused you to make the same mistakes again and again. Enter the Cutting Room and discover how to rewrite your script, create new beliefs and become the very best version of you. From the Director’s chair, learn how to consciously create the life you have always wanted then tap into the power of the Producer to reconnect with the wonder and awe you knew as a child, and supercharge your very own Take2 life.

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This book is a ‘little gem’ and I love it for its inspiring and informative content. Definitely one of the most beneficial books to help motivate and awaken self awareness. It has clear, concise steps to enable you to move forward to a better way of living and working.’  Mary, Leamington Spa

‘I loved the way this motivating book was told through the author’s own biographical details and quotes. The analogy of the language of film is inspirational and makes it easy for the reader to latch on to its content. Take 2 enables you to take a step back and look at your life, thus giving you a chance to re-evaluate and to create the life you have always wanted.’            Heidi, London

‘A no nonsense book to lead the way along the “twisty paths of life”; I loved the way the author took me on a journey – both hers and my future one! The link between a movie and a director was especially easy to follow and very helpful. A must read for anyone looking to find their way in the world and their true self. Highly recommend this book.’ Amazon review


Who taught you about self-esteem and how to be whole? Did your parents pass onto you what it means to be human? Explain to you how your internal world works and the way it impacts on how you show up in the world? No…mine neither. I remember being taught how to conform, how to please others, how to do well at school and how to do maths; but not how to do ‘life’. When I became a parent myself I was unable to pass on my wisdom about life, because I had not yet gained it. As most parents, I did the best I could, but by the time I had gained some wisdom, through many years of personal experience, study and working as a counsellor, my daughters had grown up and moved out, my opportunity was gone. This book is my effort to put that right. It is an introduction to life and personal development, for sons and daughters everywhere, whatever your age. Each ‘life’ topic is covered in short, easy to read chapters that will open your eyes to the power you have, to create your own reality and control your own destiny.

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‘Full of humour, heart, and great advice.’ Amazon review




Join me in my travels as I circle the globe, not once, but three times and along the way discover the real path to happiness – and it is not where you think!

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