Take 2 – Directing your Best Life


‘No-one can go back and make a brand new start, but anyone can  start from now and  make a brand new ending’   Carl Bard


Have you ever stopped and wondered why your life so far has turned out the way it has? Why you have made certain choices, or followed a particular path, and why it can be difficult to achieve goals and make lasting change. And what determines where your life goes next?

To answer these questions, Take2 – Directing your Best Life, a creative and empowering two-day personal development programme, takes you on a fascinating journey into your own mind, where you will discover exactly how you create your experience of life. Using the process of film making as an analogy for life, familiar roles from the movie world are used to explain different aspects of the human psyche and introduce the idea that how we live, and experience life, is really under our control.

The programme, delivered in an informal and fun group setting, will introduce you to knowledge and scientifically proven practices which empower you to take control of your most valuable asset, your own mind. When you master your mind and use it effectively, you begin to create more happiness, peace and prosperity, you become the Director of your best possible life.

….. because life is not a rehearsal


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What participants say about the Take2 – Directing your Best Life‘ programme:

‘This programme encouraged me to ‘Take Action’ after years of thoughts and procrastination. Can’t wait to get started’    Jean

‘This is an excellent course in self-development offered in a very accessible and practical way, Thank you’  Stella

‘A very useful and enjoyable programme for reflecting on your life, with practical strategies and tools for identifying where you’d like to move forward and how to do it.’  Rosemary

‘I found the programme to be insightful, inspirational and hugely beneficial to my personal development. Taking time to work on yourself and how to address your needs is time well spent. Would highly recommend this course.’ Shelley

‘A different approach to changing your life.’ Hilary

‘The Take2 course will help you reframe your mind and realise your potential to make your life what you’d like it to be’ Mala

‘Thought provoking, personal and optimistic. We all have the opportunity and ability to create and live the life we desire.’

‘Take2 is the perfect activity to bring yourself to the front row of your life and enjoy every moment of it. Take the role and direct the best version of your life.’ Bogdan