Have you ever wondered why change is so hard? Why the life we say we want is often not the life we currently have? Do you find yourself saying one thing and doing something else? You are not alone, and the reason many of us struggle this way is that we don’t understand our own minds and how they work. When it comes to our experience of life, our mind can be our greatest ally in creating a life we love, or it can limit us every step of the way.

So whether you already have a vision of who, and where, you want to be, or whether you don’t know where you want to be – you just know you don’t want to be where you are now, Transformational Coaching can help you develop mastery of your most powerful asset; your own mind. Using powerful, well-tested methods for lasting change, you can become the Director of your own future and begin consciously creating the life you want.

Transformational coaching enables you to create a life that you truly love living by taking an ‘inside out’ approach and helping you change the hidden beliefs and habits which really drive your thoughts, feelings and behaviour, and determine how you show up in the world. Although it can sometimes feel like life is ‘happening to us’, we are actually creating our own, moment by moment, experience of life based on a ‘script’ hidden deep in our subconscious mind. To really change your life you must first change this script, it is my passion and desire to help you do that.









Take 2 – Directing your Best Life
‘No-one can go back and make a brand new start, but anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending’ Carl Bard.


Have you ever stopped and wondered why your life so far has turned out the way it has? Why you have made certain choices, or followed a particular path, and why it can be difficult to achieve goals and make lasting change. And what determines where your life goes next?

To answer these questions, Take2 – Directing your Best Life, a creative and empowering two-day personal development programme, takes you on a fascinating journey into your own mind, where you will discover exactly how you create your experience of life. Using the process of film making as an analogy for life, familiar roles from the movie world are used to explain different aspects of the human psyche and introduce the idea that how we live, and experience life, is really under our control.

The programme, delivered in an informal and fun group setting, will introduce you to knowledge and scientifically proven practices which empower you to take control of your most valuable asset, your own mind. When you master your mind and use it effectively, you begin to create more happiness, peace and prosperity, you become the Director of your best possible life.


…….because life is not a rehearsal     



Next programme runs on Saturdays 10th & 17th November 2018, 9.45am – 4.30pm

in the lovely retreat space at St Michael’s Centre, Budbrooke, Warwick, CV35 8QL. Parking available.

Only 12 spaces available. All participants receive a complimentary copy of the book which supports the programme (currently £6.99 on Amazon).

Cost for two days (12 hours)  £120. Details of programme content can be found here. Take2 full programme flyer

To book your place contact me then pay here.

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